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Ohio Innovation and Technology Association Appointed to Lt. Governor's AI in Education Coalition


COLUMBUS, OH – The Ohio Innovation and Technology Association (OITA) is proud to announce its appointment to the Lt. Governor's AI in Education Coalition. This coalition, led by Lt. Governor Jon Husted, aims to harness the power of artificial intelligence to transform education in Ohio, preparing students and the workforce for a technologically advanced future.

"We are excited to join Ohio’s AI in Education Coalition and work together to shape the future of education in Ohio," said Bobby Kovey, President of OITA. "Our expertise will be invaluable as we explore the opportunities that artificial intelligence offers for Ohio’s students and workforce."

As a member of this coalition, OITA will play a pivotal role in developing a state-level strategy for AI in education. The coalition's kickoff meeting is scheduled for Tuesday, May 14th, at the Ohio Department of Public Safety. During this meeting, members will discuss the purpose and goals of the coalition, review the current uses and potential benefits of AI in education, and hear from Lt. Governor Husted on his vision to make Ohio the most AI-ready state in the nation.

"We look forward to collaborating with other experts and stakeholders to make Ohio a leader in AI education," added Kovey. "The insights and ideas shared during our meetings will be crucial to the success of the coalition and the future of AI in Ohio's educational landscape."

About OITA

The Ohio Innovation and Technology Association (OITA) is the state’s leading trade group for technology and innovation. OITA is dedicated to fostering technological advancements, supporting innovation, and advocating for the tech industry in Ohio.