Ohio Department of Administrative Services's Kristina K. Hagberg was announced as a winner of 2021 StateScoop 50 Awards. Congrats to Kristina and each of the winners for being named as the top most innovative and influential projects in state government. OITA can't wait to see how Ohio and Ohio Leaders continue working to advance the "use of digital technology inside state agencies."  Let us know what you are doing to contribute to these advancements, and connect with us if we can help!

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OITA is excited about the inevitable growth to come from new initiatives and programs in the fields of tech, innovation, policy making, and more. Read about some of the many ways Ohio support and funding is reaching STEM Education (from elementary school to higher-ed!) 

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Ervan Rodgers, CIO at State of Ohio, together with Brian Keith, Federal Azure Leader and AI Leader at Microsoft Federal, discuss the rapid adoption of virtual platforms and tools brought by the pandemic in the State of Ohio. Ervan also shared his role as a catalyst and leader in driving and championing innovation.

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Washington wants to pick up the tab for tens of millions of Americans’ Internet connections. That may include yours.

The Emergency Broadband Benefit, or EBB, was launched Wednesday to help a surprisingly wide range of people hit economically by the coronavirus pandemic. It can pay $50 every month toward the cost of your Internet service, and it is available to all families who lost some income in the last year and earn less than $198,000, among others. With $3.2 billion up for grabs, the EBB is the largest federal program to help with Internet bills in the three decades Americans have been going online.

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MUST PICK-UP PODCAST of the week: "The Future of AI Technology in Public Health" with Google Cloud 's Alexander Titus.

Alexander Titus is a Strategy Leader in the Health & Life Sciences for the Global Public Sector at Google, and has spent his career working in the "intersection between emerging technologies and public service".
In this podcast interview, Titus discusses "how cloud and artificial intelligence enabled tools are advancing research in public health", the newfound speed in which we can collaborate on science, and the surprising personalization cloud technologies can bring.

This podcast was produced by Scoop News Group and hosted by Wyatt Kash, SVP, Content Strategy, Scoop News Group.

OITA is proud to work with such innovative partners like Google Cloud , let us know how you are using Google Cloud strategies and innovations in your own work.