OITA President Nick York calls for "Tech Re-Volition"

COVID-19 has been described as the great accelerant — forcing dramatic changes in travel, entertainment, education, retail and just about every other segment of our economy and society. Some of the changes will be temporary — i.e., the NBA bubble season — but others will be permanent — the dramatic reduction in retail space/shopping, etc. — simply because they were "on their way out" anyway. And most will be modified to a lesser or larger extent depending on people's ability to access and become comfortable with advances in technology.  See more at ... Personal View: A technology re-volition is coming - I hope

TechCred Application Period Now Open

The seventh TechCred application period opened today, January 4th and closes January 29th at 3:00 p.m.

TechCred helps businesses upskill their current and incoming workforce with tech-focused credentials. Businesses can receive up to $2,000 for each tech-focused credential earned, up to $30,000 per employer each application period.

Since the program’s start, a total of 966 Ohio employers have been approved for funding, supporting the earning of 15,105 tech-focused credentials by Ohio employees.

Businesses can learn more and apply at TechCred.Ohio.gov.

A Message from Ervan Rodgers, Chief Information Officer for the State of Ohio and Assistant Department of Administrative Services Director.

From LinkedIn

Broadband Ohio RFI Opportunity Alert🚨: K-12 children are one of my passions that I enjoy advocating for, especially from a technology perspective. Attention ALL telecom vendors!!! If you have an offering, I am asking you to consider responding to the RFI. I’m excited about the RFI and the grant for schools being offered by our Broadband Ohio initiative, which extends internet connectivity to all students to ensure everyone gets the same opportunity to exceed!

See more at ... Ervan R. LinkedIn and RFI Number RFI210001