FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE                                    February 15, 2024


Ohio Innovation and Technology Association Commends Lt. Governor Jon Husted for Pioneering AI Toolkit for Ohio Schools

COLUMBUS, OHIO - The Ohio Innovation and Technology Association (OITA), the state’s premier trade group for the tech-economy, extends its heartfelt commendations to Lt. Governor Jon Husted and the administration for spearheading the development of a groundbreaking AI Toolkit tailored specifically for Ohio schools.

Bobby Kovey, President of the OITA, expressed deep appreciation for the initiative, highlighting its significance in positioning Ohio as a frontrunner in technological education and innovation. Kovey emphasized the pivotal role the AI Toolkit will play in empowering Ohioans to engage with artificial intelligence knowledgeably and responsibly, fostering a culture of ethical AI implementation across various sectors.

“The Ohio Innovation and Technology Association applauds Lt. Governor Husted and the administration for developing the most robust set of tools and resources in the nation that provide foundational guidance for artificial intelligence,” stated Bobby Kovey. “The AI toolkit will help Ohioans who are wanting to learn about AI and use it for good in a safe and ethical manner. Lt. Governor Husted has made it a priority to ensure educators, families, students, and policymakers are equipped for the future with this developing technology.”

As Ohio continues to embrace technological advancements, the AI Toolkit stands as a testament to Lt. Governor Husted’s unwavering commitment to equipping Ohioans with the necessary skills and knowledge to thrive in an increasingly digitized world. By providing educators, families, students, and policymakers with comprehensive resources and guidance, the toolkit will catalyze innovation and pave the way for a more inclusive and prosperous future for all Ohioans.

OITA’s membership comprises some of the world’s most prominent and advanced tech organizations, positioning them at the forefront of new technologies utilized in both the public and private sectors. Through collaboration and collective efforts, OITA remains dedicated to fostering an ecosystem that promotes technological excellence, ethical innovation, and economic growth across the state.

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